How to select tiles for Bathroom

Quite often, tiles get categorised by different names. These might sound confusing to an end customer who might not understand the technicalities. We have tried to make this simpler below by highlighting the broad categories and their respective usages.

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How to select tiles for Bathroom

Tips to consider while selecting tiles

Multicharge Polished Porcelain Tile
  1. Porcelain vs Ceramic – Porcelain tiles are stronger when it comes to water and moisture resistance hence they are a good choice for bathroom areas. Porcelain tiles undergo a more rigid process making them more resistant to water absorption.
  2. Safety – water makes any surface slippery and it is obvious that you would want to keep your family safe. We recommend that you should use non-slippery tiles in bathroom. Ozinn has a great range of bathroom tiles with a combination of polished wall tiles and unpolished (non-slippery) matching floor tiles with them.
  3. Sizes – with bathroom tiles, you have the flexibility to experiment. While one option could be going with same coloured wall and floor tiles, another could be go with complete contrast. While on one hand you can have same sized tiles, on other you can go for bigger wall tiles like 450 X 300 for wall, and smaller size like 300 X 300 for floor. These choices open up the window to a huge range.
  4. Colour – most people like to keep bathroom tiles of a similar colour as their home floor tiles. This gives a continuity to the house. As an example, if you have grey floor tiles in the bedroom, a combination of white tiles with some grey pattern on them would look great in the bathroom.
  5. Vision – in the end, what matters is your vision. It is important to have a vision before you start to shop for tiles. Have an idea and then keep your mind open to changes around it else you might end up getting more confused with the varieties of choices. It is always advisable to do some research yourself before hitting out the markets.