Tips to consider while selecting tiles

Quite often, tiles get categorised by different names. These might sound confusing to an end customer who might not understand the technicalities. We have tried to make this simpler below by highlighting the broad categories and their respective usages.

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Tips to consider while selecting tiles

Multicharge Polished Porcelain Tile
  1. Interiors – While doing the overall interior, make sure to give consideration to the furniture in your room and not just only the walls colour or just the feature wall colour. Colours should all go with each other so everything fits well in terms of colour scheme and there is continuity of flow of colour. through the space.
  2. Size – size of tiles can completely change the way your bedroom would look. You should have at least 4 to 5 pieces of tiles across each direction. Bigger tiles with smaller grouts can make the room look bigger. Ozinn has tiles that are 1200mm X 600mm which can be installed with less than 1mm grouting that would give your room a continuous look making the room look much bigger.
  3. Pattern – you can install tiles in a variety of patterns from standard to zin-zag/staggered or brick-bonded. Rectangular tiles add that scope where you can use them in different patterns. Pattern would decide on how many grouts you would have in the room which can ultimately effect the final look of the room. You should take this into consideration.
  4. Texture – make sure you choose the texture correctly. While you do not expect bedroom space to get wet like bathroom/kitchen, you should still consider other factors like kids in the house while deciding the texture. Polished shining tiles are always more slippery while tiles with matte finish are more slip resistant.
  5. Colour – this can be the biggest question as the choice can change the way your room looks. Lighter colours would make the room look bigger but darker colour adds warmth to it. Basic neutral colours give you the option of changing your accessories without worrying much about tiles.