5 Tips to consider while choosing floor tiles

Quite often, tiles get categorised by different names. These might sound confusing to an end customer who might not understand the technicalities. We have tried to make this simpler below by highlighting the broad categories and their respective usages.

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5 Tips to consider while choosing floor tiles

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Tips to consider while selecting tiles

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  1. Dimension – The biggest decision that can make or break the look of your place would always be size of tiles, this might surprise you but it is more important than the colour and pattern of tiles you choose. Larger tiles like 600x1200mm or 600x600mm always create an impression of space and style in bigger areas like your living room while smaller tiles like 300×300 or 300×600 are more suitable for confined areas. They look better when used in laundry and as bathrooms floor tiles. Choosing bigger tiles for smaller areas and smaller tiles for bigger areas can completely alter the grandness that you would like to achieve with tiles. Ozinn has one of the largest collections of 600x1200mm floor tiles that you will find in Sydney.
  2. Colour and Pattern – Interiors are always better with glossy finish tiles though it means more maintenance in terms of cleaning as compared to Matt finish but it’s a small sacrifice for that look you’re after in your home. Glossy finish can give your home that shiny look which when combined with feature walls adds zing to your home. Also make sure to consider colour of your furniture while finalising your tiles. Though the shiny look would be great, you do not want the interior to look odd with colour mismatch.
  3. Timber Look – the latest rage in tiles now are timber looking tiles. This is great way of getting that timber look while you do not have to worry about kids or dogs scratching the floor or water spillage. So in all, it’s a low maintenance option that can transform your home. Once laid, you do not have to worry about factors that make Timber floor boards such a big maintenance mess. You can also use these tiles as outdoor floor tiles for the deck area and have a similar look to the lounge area.
  4. Blend in the grouts – Ask the tiler to show you some of his work done, at least the pics on his mobile or website to see he understands the importance of blending grout with tiles. Prefer to go with similar colour grout so you give your floor that seamless look, as if the whole floor is made out of just one stone. Make sure your tiler understands this fully.
  5. Quality and Budget – Though building a new home or even renovating an existing place can be extremely stressful to your pocket, please see flooring as an investment. It is what you see day in and day out in your home. Do not compromise on quality for a few hundred bucks or maybe even lesser. You do not want a million dollar place to look bad just because you compromised on quality for a few bucks.
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