Quite often, tiles get categorised by different names. These might sound confusing to an end customer who might not understand the technicalities. We have tried to make this simpler below by highlighting the broad categories and their respective usages.

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Multicharge Polished Porcelain Tile

Multicharge Polished Porcelain Tile:

Multicharge Polished Porcelain or Multicharge Vitrified tiles have a top layer of design that is around 4mm in thickness. Due to continuation of top colour and design, damage from chipping is less noticeable. This makes these tiles a good choice for areas with moderate traffic. Eg. Verandas and other common areas in residents; and building foyers in commercial projects.

Full body Porcelain Tile:

Full body Porcelain tiles have the same colour through- out the body and hence chipping becomes even lesser noticeable. These tiles are ideal for very heavy traffic areas like shopping malls, airports and similar high traffic area.

Full body Porcelain Tile
Polished Porcelain Tile

Polished Porcelain Tile:

Polished porcelain tiles are vitrified tiles with polishing done on top for superior reflection that adds to the aesthetic looks of your interior. These tiles are extremely strong and highly non-porous. Due to this, these tiles are highly recommended in homes are continue to be a popular choice for floors and walls. They are also found in non-slippery matt finishes that makes the tiles a great choice for bathrooms.

Glazed Porcelain Wall Tiles:

Glazed porcelain tiles are vitrified tiles that undergo another process where the top layer of tile is coated with non-porous layer of liquid glass. This makes glazed tiles easy to maintain where a damp cloth is enough to clean the surface. Besides maintenance, these tiles are also highly non-porous as well. Digitally printed Glazed tiles make any type of print design possible on the top of tile and hence these tiles are extremely popular due to huge range of designs.

Glazed Porcelain Wall Tiles
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